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Susan the little dog in renal failure

Friday, February 16, 2018


Susan Palmitese is a chihuahua that presented in kidney failure 09/08/2017 .  Her blood values of  creatinine was 3.3 , the BUN was 86 and phosphorus 7.7. These are usually very high kidney levels for a dog and she was given a poor prognosis for survival.  Her symptoms were heavy thirst,,anorexia vomiting and coughing. We started homeopathy right away and by the next 2 weeks she was back to eating better, her thirst was decreased and her energy was returning. By october 4th 2017 she was even more improved and her blood values  were normalizing. Her creatinine was 1.6, BUN was 63 and her phosphorus was normal at 5.4.  When we talked on 1/15/18 she was eating like crazy  and she was basically back to normal. She is truly a miracle dog!

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